Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to This notice describes our privacy policy for protecting your privacy. The following notice will tell our gathering and using of your information. Our privacy notice is being improved unceasingly. We will keep our privacy notice updated. You are always welcomed here to see this notice.

By agreeing theUser Agreement (the Agreement) of, you recognize the rights for us to use and publish your personal information according to this notice. Each clause of this notice is a part of the Agreement. 

Special remarks for Adolescent

If you are under 18 years old, you will be not permitted to use our services. We hope that you will not provide any personal information to us. You may only use our services with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

Username and Password

If you want to register as a member, a username and a password are required. A password question and the answer are also required to identify you when you lose your password. If you reveal your password to others, you might lose your individual identifying information and resulting in adverse consequences. Therefore, once you find your password security is compromised for any reason, please inform us through as soon as possible.

Registration Information

When registering as a member, you are required to fill in a registration form. You should provide your real name, address, nationality, phone number and email address. Besides, you are required to provide your company’s address, phone number and brief service and product description. You have rights to add additional information, which may includes the province and city your company located in, time zone, zip code, fax number, home page and your position. We will gain these information and use them date to classify our members by age, industry or country, etc., so as to provide our members with targeted services and opportunities. We will inform you these services and opportunities through email.

Credit Card

You need to pay to use some of our services and we will get your credit card information reasonably.

Your Trading Activities

We track your IP address out of the needs to recognize your identify and the trading authenticity, ensure security consideration and meet other requirements of the State. If no security problems were found, we will remove the IP address after 60 days. We also track all-day page views data. All-day page views data are used to reflect the amount of traffic to our website for us to plan our future develop (such as add servers).

Other data produced out of your trading behaviors are used to classify our members in order to provide our members with targeted services and opportunities. We will inform you these services and opportunities through email.

Automatic InformationCollection might automatically receive and record information on your browser and computer, including your IP address, information in the cookie of, characteristic information of software and hardware and your web history.

Use of Cookie

Cookies are small amounts of data. If you have not rejected cookies, cookies will be sent to your browser and stored in your hard disk. We use cookies to store the data related to your using of our website. When you visit our website, we can recognize your identity and provide more better services for you based on data analysis.

You have the right to accept or reject cookies. You can reject cookiesby changing the add-on's settings. But we need to remind you that you if you reject cookies, you may not be able to use some functions of our website.

Disclosure and Use of Information

We will not provide, sell, rent and trade our users’ personal information with any unrelated third-parties. However, for convenience for you to use services of, other related companies and other organizations, you may agree and authorize to transmit your personal information to our related companies and organizations accepted by you, and to get your personal information from related companies and organizations.

We will have a comprehensive statistical analysis of you, your company and your trading data, and disclose the analysis to advertisers with purposes regarding reasonable. However, in these conditions, we will not disclose any information which may be used to identify you, but information resulted from user’s name and other public information is not included.

You agree that in order to implement our service agreement, we can disclose or use your personal information to identify you, settled disputes and help to ensure website security, limit deception, illegal activities and other criminal activities.

You agree that we can disclose or use your personal information to protect your live and property, or out of the need to prevent others from serious violations of legitimate rights and interests, or for public interest.

You agree that we can disclose or use your personal information to improve our service so as to meet your needs and offer better use’s experience.

You agree that we can disclose or use your personal information to contact you and provide information you interested in, such as product information. By agreeing the Agreement and this privacy notice, you agree to receive this information.

Our website has published the business opportunities and quotations provided by our users. Users can make inquiries of these quotations and opportunities.

When we are enforced by law, or required to provide your information out of the need to identify the tortfeasor by government or the right holder , we will kindly disclose your information.

Storage and Exchange of Information

Users’ information will be stored on servers of and our related companies.

External Links

There are links to other websites on our website. assumes no responsibility to the privacy protection of those websites. We may add business partners and websites when needed.

Public Trade Information

The supply or demand information you provide will be display in public area and open to all users. Please notice that all information in this area is public. Please take careful consideration before publishing your personal information. 


Our website has corresponding safety measures to ensure that no information is lost, misused or altered, including data backup on other servers and password encryption. However, please notice that there are no perfect security measures on the Internet.

Editing Your Information

You could edit your personal information or change password in (after logging in):

Contact Us

If you have any opinions and suggestions of this privacy notice or privacy protection measures of, please contact us through