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Shenzhen Witgain Technology Limited. is a research and development, production and sales of high-density multilayer printed edition, special PCB manufacturers. Mainly targeted the production of difficult and special PCB circuit board , The pursuit of stability and long-term partnership, the idea is always the benefit of the dot-com development.

Shenzhen Witgain Technology Limited

  Asia China Guangdong Shenzhen NO .246 Shenshan Road Pingshan District




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  • {\"cn\":\"车间\",\"de\":\"PCB Fabrik\",\"en\":\"Workshop \",\"big5\":\"車間\"}

  • {\"cn\":\"内层操作室\",\"de\":\"Lager\",\"en\":\"Inner Layer Exposure Room \",\"big5\":\"內層操作間\"}

  • {\"cn\":\"车间\",\"de\":\"Operationssaal\",\"en\":\"Brown Melt Line\",\"big5\":\"車間\"}

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